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Idèntity 2.0

A brand new, colorful collection.

An advanced, powerful, e-commerce.

Idèntity is now restructured

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Unisex Apparel

Customised clothing thought to be worn by everyone.

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Organic Cotton & rPET

The Lightweight Crewneck is made of organic cotton (80%) and recycled polyester (20%).

The entire process of creation is vegan and sustainable.

We aim to make a positive impact trough an environmentally conscious design and production.

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What is Idèntity?

Basically customised.

Idèntity is a small and local reality built in 2019 by a group of students in their 20's.

Our team works everyday to ensure an efficient Service, yet sourcing new products, materials and ideas. Idèntity aims to pave the way of sustainable basic garments, that can be worn everyday with a long-lasting life cycle.

Heavyweight Crewnecks

A cozy, warm feel completely Made in Italy

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Heavyweight Track Pants

Made in Italy to fit everyone.

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Lightweight Crewnecks

Available in 4 different dyes, environmentally friendly cozy sweats.

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Logo Socks

Made in Italy with a light cotton mesh

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